Your Next Five Moves

Patrick Bet-David

Your Next Five Moves



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One thing that both successful entrepreneurs and chess players have in common is the ability to anticipate the next five moves. In life, it is not what you want to become that matters, but what you want to be. Being aware of how you want to live your future is the first step towards moving closer to your goal. In Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy,Patrick Bet-David covers the strategies that you need to put in place to help grow your business, whatever that may be.

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Analysis and key concepts


To be a winner, you have to act like a chess player


You can only start building the right strategy to reach your goals when you know yourself inside out


Knowing yourself is a journey that requires commitment and effort, but you must not be scared, because it is only through pain that you can reach success


The path to wealth: choosing whether to be an intrapreneur or a traditional entrepreneur


Decisions are never clear-cut: you have to learn to see the different nuances, and use reasoning to move forward, despite any uncertainty


To ensure your decision-making process is effective, you need to find the right method, as well as taking possible blips into account along the way


Having the right people in your team will accelerate the building of a successful business


Creating a culture based on principles and the power of trustworthiness: people who are valued give so much more


You need to have systems in place to empower people to maximise results and grow


It is not impossible to beat your “Goliath” as long as you learn to recognise your competitor, and take control of the narrative


Sales and negotiation strategies taken from the mafia




Take-home message

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Many useful tips to:

  • Figure out what you want to do, and who you want to become.
  • Formulate a personalised strategy to become successful, not just in business, but in any sector.
  • Put together the perfect work team.
  • Learn tactics to help you grow, even when conditions are unfavourable.
  • Understand power games, and the art of applying financial leverage

Patrick Bet-David is a successful American writer, mental coach, trainer, and entrepreneur of Iranian descent. After having worked as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley, he is now CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., a financial services firm with over 8,000 licensed agents, in 49 states. He is the author and creator of "Valuetainment" on Youtube, which is considered to be the best channel for entrepreneurs, packed with motivational videos and interviews with successful people.

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