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You’re Not Broke – You’re Pre-Rich

Learning to manage your finances and have more money

Most of us are not really clear about our financial situation. We are not aware of where our money goes and we struggle to save. In You’re Not Broke - You’re Pre-Rich, Emilie Bellet uses accessible language to explain the main principles that we need to know in order to take back control of our money, from managing our outgoings and debts, to our investments. If we want to increase our wealth, we need to act, and the sooner we begin, the better the results we can expect to enjoy.

You’re Not Broke – You’re Pre-Rich
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Women struggle more when it comes to talking about money

Managing your financial situation is not an easy task. There are a multitude of factors to consider, beginning with how much you earn, right up to the more delicate questions such as debts and investments.

But talking about it isn’t always easy. The feelings that we have when it comes to money are very complex, and we often feel uncomfortable when discussing the topic with friends, colleagues and family members.

Women are mostly affected by this phenomenon. In fact for decades, the role of women in society was seen as subordinate to that of a man. This was particularly evident when it came to the subject of money, with the man of the house being seen as responsible for the finances, while the housewife was simply a beneficiary.

In addition, banking institutes seem to take advantage of the complexities of this topic, and try to sell products to clients who are not always fully aware of what they are actually buying.

We need to quash these preconceptions, become more informed about the world of personal finance and take back control of our money.


The key ideas of "You’re Not Broke – You’re Pre-Rich"

Women struggle more when it comes to talking about money
Ideas and systems imbedded in our culture form the “money algorithm”
The various types of debt we need to understand if we want to increase our wealth
How to take the first steps – set a budget
The trap of instant gratification
Do I want it or need it? An important distinction
The rules for drawing up a good budget
Another way to have more money: increase your income
Getting to know your bank account
How to take the first steps into the investment world
Take-home message
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