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Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing The Sale

How altruism can help us become successful sales people

Zig Ziglar invites us into his universe of negotiation, with interesting, meaningful anecdotes, to show us that the sales process is based on two main important qualities: honesty and doing the right thing. To these qualities we need to add the ability to forge relationships, to feel empathy for our clients, and to be enthusiastic about what we sell. The secrets of a salesperson can be summed up in this sentence: great sales come from great people. If we are genuinely interested in helping others solve their problems, our success will come naturally.

Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing The Sale
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Closing a sale is like baseball: you have to touch all the bases to score a point

Closing a deal is just as important as all the steps that lead up to it. Obviously, we need to work to perfect all the effort we put into those steps. The sales process itself can be compared to baseball; in business, just like in this sport, you have to touch all the bases, or go through each of the necessary steps, to be able to score a point, or close a deal. The first base would be identifying the client; we reach second base the moment we book an appointment with them and, if we are any good at presenting, we will get to third base. If we cannot bring it home, all the effort that we have made to get to that point has been a waste, because we don’t get the point. This is the same if we don’t close a deal; all our hard work will be wasted, but that does not mean that each step that leads to a deal is not important.


The key ideas of "Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing The Sale"

Closing a sale is like baseball: you have to touch all the bases to score a point
We are good sales people if we are able to help our clients make good decisions
A salesperson has to be convinced to be convincing!
Selling means communicating emotion, being empathetic and knowing how to listen
A positive attitude is essential in sales
A good salesperson stays fit and healthy, ages well and loves their work
A professional salesperson pays attention to details, they know how to earn their clients’ trust and recognise that they are a work in progress
It is important to be able to correctly interpret what a client is trying to tell us
Spark imagination to sell more
Objections are just a stimulus we can use to ask questions and reassure the client
A sale starts with logic, but emotion closes the deal
Responding to objections about the price while making the client understand that not buying at all has a much higher cost
Take-home message

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