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Kelly McGonigal
The importance of willpower and self-awareness
Ryder Carroll
How to be more focused on your goals
Robert Greene
The laws that govern human nature
Seth Godin
Understand when it is better to stick it out and when you should quit
David Rock
Overcome distraction and become more productive
Scott Young
Shorten the time it takes to learn absolutely anything
Cal Newport
Take back control of your time and get rid of your distractions
Kendra Adachi
Find out what really matters to you and focus only on that
Chade-Meng Tan
The perfect training for discovering happiness within
Ryan Holiday
The art of turning obstacles into opportunities
Amanda Palmer
How to overcome our fear of being vulnerable and learn the art of asking
Emilie Wapnick
Founding your career plan on your passions
Luca Mazzucchelli
How to change your mindset and be happy
Sheryl Sandberg
How a woman can reach her full potential
Cal Newport
How to really focus on your work and avoid distraction
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Learning to see the advantage in disorder
MJ DeMarco
Understanding what influences us so we can free ourselves from the Script
Hugh van Cuylenburg
How to improve our emotional and mental well-being
Dale Breckenridge Carnegie
How to improve our relationships with other people
Brian Tracy
Becoming successful and achieving our goals

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How to develop motivation and make progress in your personal growth

If your main interest is the growth of your business, you cannot help but develop a strong intrinsic motivation and follow a path of personal growth.

What is intrinsic motivation? It is the ability to self-motivate to follow a direction, without the need for rewards or other external help. This is not a simple path, given that we are used to relying on extrinsic motivation, that is, being motivated by the achievement of a particular prize or reward.

For this reason it is essential to follow a path of personal growth. What is personal growth? It would take an entire book to fully explain the meaning of personal growth, here we are content to say that personal growth is the process that allows a person to discover their potential , letting go of bad habits and empowering your virtues continuously, without stopping.

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