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Dale Breckenridge Carnegie
How to improve our relationships with other people
Brian Tracy
Becoming successful and achieving our goals
John C. Maxwell
Break down those blockages and achieve your goals
James Allen
Taking control of our thoughts to improve our circumstances
Peter Bevelin
Find out how our brain works to avoid errors of judgement
Jennifer Dulski
How to become a leader that inspires change
Robert T. Kiyosaki
Why financial education is more important than money
Rob Moore
Understand your value and unlock your potential
Elizabeth Day
Follow the example of others to avoid failure
Timothy Ferriss
Tactics, routines and habits of the greatest people in the world
I. Misner, S. Emery, R. Sapio
Know yourself better and lead a better life
Timothy Ferriss
Simple and useful life advice from the best entrepreneurs
Ray Dalio
How to create your principles to improve life and work
Nick Craig
Find your purpose to be a better leader and man
Jeff Haden
How High Achievers set themselves up to win
Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal
How the world in which we live and work is being revolutionised
Rachel Hollis
Overcome your fears to achieve your goals

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How to develop motivation and make progress in your personal growth

If your main interest is the growth of your business, you cannot help but develop a strong intrinsic motivation and follow a path of personal growth.

What is intrinsic motivation? It is the ability to self-motivate to follow a direction, without the need for rewards or other external help. This is not a simple path, given that we are used to relying on extrinsic motivation, that is, being motivated by the achievement of a particular prize or reward.

For this reason it is essential to follow a path of personal growth. What is personal growth? It would take an entire book to fully explain the meaning of personal growth, here we are content to say that personal growth is the process that allows a person to discover their potential , letting go of bad habits and empowering your virtues continuously, without stopping.

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