4books for companies

The bad CEO asks: “What happens if we invest in developing our people, and they leave us?”
The good CEO replies: "What happens if we don’t, and they stay?“

We are in the midst of Digital Transformation, the era in which every business becomes a digital business!

4books is the ideal solution to guide your company through the waves of the digital ocean.
Every month we select and summarize the best English business books and make them available to you and your team in text and audio format!

Train your employees with pearls of wisdom on economics, marketing, technology, from the best writers in the world.

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Work on hard and soft skills

Nowadays the key to success lies in continuous training and in the incessant development of your own skills and that of your employees.
4books makes your team work both on hard skills (marketing, project management, copywriting) and on soft skills, the brain lubricant, meaning those skills that are needed to make things run more smoothly: problem solving, communication, leadership, adaptability, motivation, etc.

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Turn every break into training time

With 4books, you multiply the learning opportunities for your team: during a coffee break, while you wait in a meeting, while stuck in traffic. All dead moments that you can use to transform into time for training.

Yes, because with 4books you just need a little time to learn great concepts: in a few moments, all the business that matters!

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